Assembly noun (MEETING) C2 [ C ] as · sem · blie. A group of people, especially one that meets regularly for a particular purpose, or more generally, the process of coming together, or the state of being together.

Founded in 2019.

Assembly is a party founded on togetherness. We are experienced London promoters and like minded spirits brought together by a shared and unconditional love of music and dancing. Our parties’s driving force is finding and securing the perfect balance between the DJ and the open minded crowd. We are guided and inspired by a dedicated growing pool of residents who form the heart of our event, whilst renowned guests will help to keep our crowd moving from start to finish at London’s best Summer day venues, all moving to the rhythm of House / Tech House / Deep House sounds. The music and the attention to production detail guarantee the experience. Our assembled crowd’s hedonism drives the organic growth of Assembly.

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